Summer outdoor activities in Montreal with kids

Summer outdoor activities in Montreal with kids

Summer in Montreal offers a multitude of perfect outdoor activities for children. Whether you're looking for nature adventures, activities close to home or cultural explorations, the city is filled with options to entertain the whole family. Here are some ideas for summer activities not to be missed, along with recommendations on Gusti clothing to ensure the comfort and protection of your little adventurers.


1. Hiking in Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park is a must-visit for families. With its well-maintained trails, it offers endless possibilities for hiking and picnicking. Children can explore nature, observe animals, and enjoy panoramic views of the city. In the summer, the park comes alive with various family activities such as workshops on local wildlife and flora, as well as outdoor cultural events. The vast green spaces also allow children to run freely, play outdoor games, and burn off energy safely.

🌲 Gusti Recommendation: For these nature adventures, the Gusti lightweight shell jacket is ideal. It's perfect for cool mornings or evenings, offering wind and the rain protection while being light enough not to overheat.


2. Cycling along the Lachine Canal

Along the Lachine Canal, you'll find secure bike paths and stunning scenery. Rent bikes and spend a day pedaling along the water, with many spots to stop and enjoy a picnic. The canal is lined with parks, small cafes, and shaded rest areas, perfect for a relaxing break. Along the way, children can watch boats navigating the canal, visit the Atwater Market for a fresh snack, or discover public art scattered along the banks. This activity offers an excellent opportunity to combine physical exercise, cultural discovery, and family bonding moments.

🚲 Gusti Recommendation: For a sporty activity like cycling, the 3-in-1 jacket is perfect. It offers maximum flexibility with its different layers, allowing children to easily adapt to temperature changes throughout the day.

3-in-1 jacket



3. Visit the Botanical Garden

Montreal's Botanical Garden is a magical place for children. They can discover a multitude of exotic plants, participate in educational workshops, and even explore the insectarium. In the summer, the garden comes alive with special events, such as butterfly exhibitions and flower festivals, which will captivate young visitors. The tropical greenhouses offer a unique environment where children can see rare and colorful plants up close. Additionally, naturalist guides are often present to answer questions and provide fascinating explanations about biodiversity. The garden's vast green spaces are also perfect for family picnics, allowing children to run and play after exploring the various pavilions.

🦋 Gusti Recommendation: For a day spent exploring and learning, the lightweight shell jacket is an excellent option. It protects against light showers and wind while being comfortable for extended exploration.


4. Picnic at Parc Jean-Drapeau

Parc Jean-Drapeau offers vast green spaces perfect for a family picnic. With playgrounds, pools, and walking trails, it's a place where children can run and play freely. In the summer, the park also hosts various events and festivals, providing cultural and recreational activities for all ages. The modern, secure playgrounds allow children to have fun for hours. The outdoor pools and water games are especially appreciated on hot days, offering a refreshing way to enjoy themselves. The park's walking trails are perfect for a family stroll, allowing you to discover numerous artistic installations and breathtaking views of the Saint Lawrence River.

🌷 Gusti Recommendation: On a sunny day, the lightweight shell jacket is ideal for protecting against wind and the freshness of the water's edge while allowing freedom of movement, essential for active play.


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5. Discover the Beach at Île Notre-Dame

Enjoy the beach at Île Notre-Dame for a day of swimming and relaxation. The beach is safe for children and offers playgrounds as well as shaded areas for parents. In summer, the beach is lively with various aquatic and recreational activities, such as swimming lessons, beach games, and sailing lessons, which will delight the whole family. Children can build sandcastles, explore shallow pools, or simply swim under the watchful eye of lifeguards. It's a perfect place for family relaxation on the warm sand or under the umbrellas.

🏖️ Gusti Recommendation: For this summer outing, the 3-in-1 jacket can be useful for cooler moments in the early morning or late evening, ensuring children stay comfortable no matter the time of day.


6. Fireworks viewing at the Old Port

Summer evenings at the Old Port are even more magical with the "L'International des Feux Loto-Québec" fireworks. Bring a blanket, settle in comfortably, and enjoy the show. The fireworks light up the night sky with vibrant colors and spectacular patterns, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere for the whole family. Children will be amazed by the bursts of light and sound and will enjoy this moment with their family. Make sure to arrive early to get a good spot and don't forget to bring refreshments and snacks to make the experience even more enjoyable.

🎇 Gusti Recommendation: The lightweight Quilted Jacket is perfect for cool evenings, offering wind protection while keeping children comfortable as they admire the fireworks.



Why Choose Gusti for Your Summer Outings?

Gusti clothing is designed to last and withstand the most turbulent adventures of children. Our mission is to create high-quality outerwear that ensures children's comfort in all circumstances. Whether it's for a hike, a day at the beach, or a bike ride, Gusti products like the lightweight shell jacket, the lightweight Quilted Jacket and the 3-in-1 jacket are perfect for accompanying your children in all their summer activities in Montreal.


When you choose Gusti, you’re picking clothes that can be handed down to younger siblings, ensuring they last through all the fun. Gear up for a summer packed with outdoor adventures, with outfits that bring comfort, protection, and style. With Gusti, your kids can jump, run, and play to their hearts’ content!


Enjoy summer in Montreal with your children and Gusti clothing that makes every adventure even more enjoyable!


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