Summer Outdoor Activities in Toronto with Kids

Summer Outdoor Activities in Toronto with Kids

Summer in Toronto offers a multitude of outdoor activities perfect for children. Whether it's outdoor adventures, exploring nature, or sports activities, the city is full of opportunities to keep your little adventurers entertained while enjoying the beautiful weather. To ensure your children can fully enjoy each outdoor moment, we offer outerwear suited to all conditions. Here are some of the best summer activities to do in Toronto with your children, and how our products can accompany them throughout their adventures.


1. Exploring Toronto Zoo


Toronto Zoo is a must-visit destination for families. Children love discovering different animals and learning about global wildlife. The zoo is vast with thematic pavilions and outdoor spaces where children can interact with some animals.

For these explorative days, our lightweight shell jacket is ideal. It's breathable, protects against cool breezes, and allows for great freedom of movement. Your child can run, climb, and play comfortably. Plus, its water resistance is perfect for unexpected splashes in the zoo's aquatic play areas.

2. Having Fun at Ontario Science Centre


While primarily indoors, Ontario Science Centre also offers outdoor activities like nature trails and gardens. Children can participate in interactive experiences, watch educational IMAX films, and even stargaze in the planetarium.

When moving between exhibits and outdoor spaces, our quilted jacket is a perfect choice. Easy to wear and remove, it provides light insulation for slightly cool days and ensures your children remain comfortable as temperatures drop in the evenings.



3. Picnicking at High Park


High Park is perfect for a family picnic. With its large green spaces, playgrounds, hiking trails, and even a small zoo, there's plenty to keep children entertained all day long. You can also rent bikes or join organized activities such as nature workshops and puppet shows.

Temperature can vary throughout the day, and this is where our 3-in-1 jacket comes in handy. Versatile and practical, it can be adjusted for varying weather conditions, ensuring comfort and protection for your children. The outer waterproof layer is ideal for summer showers, while the soft inner layer keeps children warm as the sun sets.



4. Biking Along Toronto Islands


Toronto Islands offer secure cycling paths and spectacular views of the city. It’s a perfect activity for the whole family with beaches to relax on, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Plus, the ferry ride to the islands is an adventure in itself for children.

While your children pedal enthusiastically along the path, the lightweight shell jacket will provide protection against the wind without weighing them down. Easy to carry and pack, it can be stowed in a backpack when the sun is at its peak and brought out again for refreshing sea breezes.


5. Participating in Gardening Workshops at Evergreen Brick Works


Evergreen Brick Works offers gardening workshops for children, which is a fun way to learn while enjoying themselves. Located in the Don River Valley, this center for nature discovery and urban innovation offers hiking trails, farmers' markets, and play spaces.

For these hands-on outdoor activities, the quilted jacket is ideal for cool mornings and chilly evenings. Its sturdy design ensures it remains in excellent condition after a day of gardening and play, ready for another day of adventures.

6. Exploring Nature at Rouge Park


For nature-loving families, Rouge Park offers hiking trails and beautiful beaches. It’s an ideal spot for a family hike with many trails suitable for children and opportunities to observe local wildlife.

Equipped with our 3-in-1 jacket, your children can comfortably explore the hiking trails. The jacket provides versatile protection against wind, light rain, and changing temperatures. Its modular design allows children to move freely while staying protected and comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions.


Summer in Toronto is a magical season for children, full of discoveries and outdoor adventures. We understand the importance of quality outerwear so your children can fully enjoy every activity. Our 3-in-1 jackets, quilted jackets, and lightweight shell jackets are designed to provide comfort and durability in all weather conditions. Prepare your children for a summer of adventures with our outerwear and create unforgettable family memories.

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