• Gusti Snow Pants are Built Durable

    Watch the video to see inside the Gusti snow pants and understand what makes them "the best" in class.

  • Gusti Jackets and Pants are Breathable

    Watch this video to learn more about sweat and water droplets sizes. You will also learn why breathability is important for kids who love to play outside for a long, long time and so why Gusti jackets are breathable.

  • Ever wondered what 8 000 mm or 10 000 mm meant?

    After watching this video, you will FINALLY understand what a hydrostatic test is (really?) and how to compare the waterproofness of different garments. (you're welcome!)

  • Gusti Makes Warm Winter Jacket

    Learn why sometimes a jacket that is too warm is not the right choice for children that run a lot outside in the winter.

    You will also learn about other cool features of the Gusti jackets.Enjoy!